Concerns Regarding Mr. Appicello

The following is a list of concerns regarding Lincoln City City Attorney, Richard Appicello:

  1. Was Mr. Appicello involved in a malicious prosecution?
    If so, this would have been improper, per ORS 156.280.
    The Oregon State Bar will be investigating.
  2. Did Mr. Appicello keep Councilor Jim Davis and Mayor Don Williams from representing the people  who elected them, by keeping them from deliberating on the new Vacation Rental (VR) zones? If so, was this politically motivated? See 4. below for details.
  3. Did Mr. Appicello keep all our City Councilors from discussions the new VR zones with their constituents? If so, was this politically motivated? See 4. below for details.
  4. Did Mr. Appicello falsely claim the new VR zones were “quasi-judicial” matters?
    The Oregon State Bar will be investigating.
  5. Is Mr. Appicello acting without prior authorization? If so, this could expose the City, to lawsuits.
    The Oregon Government Ethics Commission will be investigating.
  6. Will Mr. Appicello be fining VRD owners up to $181,500? If so, this could expose the City to lawsuits.
  7. Thirteen other concerns regarding Mr. Appicello and the law, that, if left unaddressed, may expose the City to lawsuits.

We have a large backlog of information we are currently vetting, and will update this page regularly. Please check back often for updates.

Until then, please read the following letters that have been submitted to the City Council regarding other concerns raised regarding Mr. Appicello:

  1. June 8, 2015 Letter to City Council
  2. October 13, 2014 Letter to City Council
  3. September 15, 2014 Letter to City Council

If you have any information regarding any of the above, or any other information that you believe is relevant, please contact us.

And please consider signing out petition to ask our City Council to let Mr. Appicello go. Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Concerns Regarding Mr. Appicello”

  1. This entire VRD debacle spearheaded by Mr. Gordon Walker has always been an embarrassment to Lincoln City. Now, with the alleged improper acts by the City Attorney, not only should he resign, but an official complaint should be lodged against him with the State of Oregon Bar Association.

  2. Craig: Thank you for your post! We agree, and our State Bar complaint has been written, and is currently being reviewed by counsel. Once they “sign-off” on it, we will submit it to the Client Assistance Office of the Oregon State Bar. Stay tuned!

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